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Centron Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional service at affordable pricing to all our clients. It is no secret that the cost of postage has continued to rise at an unprecedented rate. We have always borne this cost on your behalf. To avoid fee rate increases, we have had to make the difficult decision to create a minimum balance for placements. This is something we have not done nor considered in the past; however, we must do something to assist you in keeping costs down. 

We will no longer be able accept individual account placements under $20.00. The exception to this will be if an aggregate balance of $20.00, over multiple accounts, for the same patient, is being placed on the same day. The way accounts are listed will not be changed, nor will the quality and commitment of service you have grown to expect of us. 

If you have questions about this matter, please contact our marketing team at (800) 223-8112 or click here.

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